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Development Process

Getting Started:

A development permit may be required for number of different things and there are many aspects that impact your proposed development.  It is our role to advise you of these matters. If you are planning to apply for a development permit in the County it will be helpful to review the Land Use Bylaw and contact us for more information.

View the Flow Chart to review the permit process.

Pre-Application Meeting:

Contact the Development Officer to request a meeting.   Following your a meeting will be booked with a minimum of two (2) days notice. 

During this meeting they will ensure all necessary forms are filled out.  Forms can be filled out prior to the pre-application meeting.  Forms and checklist you will need can be found below under the Development Permit Forms

The proposed development must be started within twelve (12) months of the date of the Development Permit, and has to be completed within two (2) years of the date of issuance.  A one (1) year extension may be granted.

Other Permits:

Visit the Safety Code Permit section below to apply for the appropriate forms with the agency of your choice.

Other Considerations are: 

Final Steps: 

If any Safety Codes permits are required for a development, then an Occupancy Permit will also be required.  An Occupancy Permit is the final permit needed prior to an applicant “occupying” the building.  

For further information on the development process, please visit the FAQ page under the Planning and Community Services heading or contact our Planning and Community Services Department.

Development Permits Forms

We are pleased to launch new and improved Development Permit Application forms!  These user-friendly forms are designed to make the application experience faster and easier.

For further information regarding development permits, please refer to the Development Permit Application Guide

To ensure a smooth application process, please be sure to:

  1. Print or save a copy of the Development Permit Application Form
  2. Click on the name of the applicable supplemental form to open it
  3. Once the forms are fully completed, print or save copies of each
  4. Submit all completed forms (main application and supplemental form) to 

Complete applications can be submitted electronically to: 

The Planning Department is here to help!  Should you have questions or require clarification on the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to assist you throughout the development permit process.  

We look forward to working with you on your development project.

2024 Development Permit Application


Additional Forms
Alberta Transportation Roadside Development Form Alberta Transportation Sign Installation near a Provincial Highway Fee Schedule


Safety Code Permits

It is the landowner’s responsibility to comply with the provincial Safety Codes Act for new construction, additions or renovations, electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal systems by obtaining a Safety Codes permit.

The County is accredited to administer the Safety Codes Act and has contracted Superior Safety Codes Inc. and the Inspections Group Inc. as its agents.  Applicants are encouraged to use the agency of their choice for the duration of the project.

Superior Safety Codes Inc    Ph: 780-870-9020

The Inspections Group     Ph: 1-866-554-5048



The National Building Code - 2023 Alberta Edition, National Fire Code - 2023 Alberta Edition and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 will come into force on May 1, 2024.

The National Building Code - 2023 Alberta Edition and the National Fire Code - 2023 Alberta Edition are now available online. Paper Copies will soon be available at the National Research Council's Virtual store. The National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 is now available for free online. 

Key Features of the New Building, Fire and Energy Codes

  • Farm Buildings will continue to be exempt from Alberta's edition of the building, energy efficiency and fire codes.
  • Alberta is adopting tier 1 as the minimum province-wide standard for building energy
    efficiency for housing and small buildings under Part 9 of the Alberta edition of the
    National Building Code and tier 1 for energy efficiency for other buildings in the National
    Energy Code for Buildings 2020. These codes allow provinces and territories to choose
    from five tiers or levels for energy efficiency performance at a pace best suited for their
    jurisdiction and in recognition of their specific sources of energy.

Transition Period 

Alberta Municipal Affairs has provided additional flexibility and time to support the transition period for these codes. Review full release here - Province of Alberta Notice.

What This Means for Safety Codes Officers

The Safety Codes Council continues to work with Municipal Affairs, industry partners, and subject matter experts to connect Safety Codes Officers (SCO) with resources to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. The Council has partnered with the Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI) and BILD Alberta to develop training specific to the energy efficiency tiers, which will be made available to SCOs. 

For more information on the new Alberta codes editions visit Building codes and standards | 

Electrical Incidents in Alberta: January 1 to December 31, 2023

Off Site Levies

The County of Vermilion River passed Bylaw 12-04 on July 24, 2012.  The Off-Site Levy Bylaw effectively sets an approved value on a per acre/hectare basis, within a specified area, for capital infrastructure upgrades required due to development.  In order to move forward in a responsible manner and facilitate development, the necessary upgrades to both arterial road networks and drainage utility systems have been included in Bylaw 12-04.

Bylaw 12-04: Approved July 24, 2012

The County of Vermilion River approved Policy AD022 on July 24, 2012.  This policy outlines the necessary policies pertaining to Off-Site Levies in the County. For information concerning exemptions, thresholds and deferments, please see Policy AD022.

Policy AD022: Approved July 24, 2012

Land Subdivisions


The County of Vermilion River currently contracts Municipal Planning Services (MPS) as the Subdivision Authority for the County. County Planning and Community Services staff is capable of assisting you with general inquiries but please be advised that all applications are submitted to the MPS office in Edmonton for final decision.

At the start of your project:

Subdivision Requirements Summary Sheet

Subdivision Application Package

Subdivision Guide




During your project:


If doing multiple lots, you will want to review the information on Area Structure Plans below, which has several of our County approved plans.

Click here to go to Municipal Planning Services (MPS) website for further details.

Public Notices


Area Structure Plans


Area Structure Plans (ASP's) are statutory tools that provide the planning framework for the development of lands for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes.  They ensure that development is conducted in a manner that is consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the County.  ASP's are prepared in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Subdivision and Development Regulation, and the County's Municipal Development Plan.

  • Area Structure Plans are required prior to approval of a subdivision which would create more than four (4) parcels out of a quarter section.  Some examples are: multi-lot residential subdivisions, multi-lot commercial/industrial subdivisions, if you already live on a quarter section with 4 parcels out, and wish to subdivide an additional parcel
  • At the discretion of the Development Authority, a Development Concept Plan or Outline Plan may be accepted if the total development area is under 8.08 ha (20.0 acres) in area otherwise indicated in an applicable statutory plan.
  • refer to the most current Fee Bylaw for details on costs
  • ASP Application Form
Robinwood Residential Area Structure Plan Project

Area Structure Plan Document - Draft 

ADOPTED ASP's (approved by Council)

Devonia Lake West Central
Central Urban Expansion
South Urban Expansion
North Urban Expansion
North Urban Expansion - Schedule 1
Mill Creek
Reinhart Business Park
North 41 Gateway
Crossroads (Amended)
Devonia Business Park
Robinwood Acres Lot 2
NW-10-40-1 W4M
County Energy Park
Robinwood Acres 2014


Traffic Impact Assessment Guidelines Package

Site Development Plans


Site Development Plans (SDP's) are non-statutory documents that provide specific direction on how an area is to develop, identifying the specific mix and density of land uses, utility services, as well as layout of streets, blocks and lots needed to create a well-designed and successful community, business, commercial or industrial area. 

Read the Overview of the Process here

SDP Application Form



Holtby Site Development Plan