Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Refueling Station

The County of Vermilion River has opened the first publicly accessible compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station in the Lloydminster region.  The station is open to the public and fuel price is $0.70/L

Since 2018, the County CNG fleet has reduced fuel costs by $80,000. Conversion of the entire County light duty fleet to CNG, in conjunction with construction of the CNG Refueling Station, is projected to provide the County with 15-year net savings of over $600,000 and reduce our light vehicle emissions by 25%.  The public CNG Refueling Station allows private fleet and vehicle owners to access the benefits of CNG vehicles.  Contact us for information on CNG vehicle opportunities for you or your business.

The County Natural Gas Vehicles can be either:

  • Bi-Fuel CNG/Gasoline
  • Dedicated CNG (typical heavy haulers)

The CNG Station is supplied by excess oilfield gas which provides additional reduction of emissions in the County.

County of Vermilion River - CNG Vehicle Brochure

Phase 2 - CNG Refueling Scoping/Feasibility Study Report


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