MDP & LUB Review: The County is currently undergoing an extensive review of their Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan.

COMMUNITY CLEAN UP: The County has arranged to have extra bins placed in the hamlets on various weekends in the month of May.  Click HERE to find out when extra bins will be available in your community.

ACE WATER CORPORATION: Phase 7 begins this week.  Click HERE for more information. 

RCMP Crime Map: The Crime Map enables residents to access current and verified information regarding criminal incidents in the area. 

Winter: Click here for more information on the snowplowing level of service and the road priority ranking for snow removal. 

Newsletter: The County Currents Spring 2023 edition is now available.    

Voyent Alert! A multi-purpose communication service to keep you informed on emergencies & day-to-day notices.  See more here 

Road Closures: Click here to view an interactive map of all road closures. 


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