Bylaws and Policies


The County has many bylaws, however not all are available online. The bylaws that are available online are listed by general category in the sub pages below (please contact our office for those not listed). All bylaws are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Protective Services Bylaws

Bylaw 24-02 Aggressive Dog View PDF
Bylaw 24-12 Aggressive Dog Bylaw Amendment View PDF
Bylaw 23-10 Fire Services Bylaw View PDF
Bylaw 12-20 Flashing Green Lights View PDF
Bylaw 24-11 Municipal Emergency Management View PDF
Bylaw 05-03 Provincial E911 View PDF
Bylaw 23-16 Public Safety View PDF
Bylaw 21-02 Regional Emergency Management View PDF


Planning & Community Services Bylaws


 View PDF

Bylaw 20-04 Village of Kitscoty Intermunicipal Development Plan View PDF
Bylaw 20-06 Village of Paradise Valley Intermunicipal Development Plan View PDF
Bylaw 18-18 County of Two Hills Intermunicipal Development Plan View PDF

Bylaw 21-07

Village of Marwayne Intermunicipal Development Plan View PDF
Bylaw 18-19 County of St. Paul Intermunicipal Development Plan View PDF
Bylaw 18-02 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board View PDF

Bylaw 21-18

Vermilion IDP View PDF
Bylaw 14-25 Blackfoot-Devonia Stormwater Drainage  View PDF
Bylaw 13-16 Development Authority View PDF
Bylaw 19-03 Municipal Development Plan (new August 2021) View PDF
Bylaw 19-02 Land Use Bylaw (new consolidated version May 2024) View PDF
Bylaw 12-13 Functional Stormwater Drainage Plan - NW Drainage Basin View PDF

Bylaw 12-05

Safety Code Services Permit View PDF

Bylaw 12-04

Off-Site Levy View PDF
Bylaw 10-27 Regional Assessment Review Board View PDF
Bylaw 06-05 Lloydminster Intermunicipal Development Plan (includes 07-03 and 08-17) View PDF
Bylaw 08-16 Central Urban Expansion Area Structure Plan View PDF
Bylaw 08-15 North Urban Expansion Area Structure Plan View PDF
Bylaw 08-14 South Urban Expansion Area Structure Plan View PDF
Bylaw 17-389 Hamlet of Dewberry Land Use Bylaw View PDF

Taxation & Finance Bylaws

 View PDF

 View PDF

Bylaw 21-21 Fee Bylaw View PDF
Bylaw 22-07 Community Aggregate Payment Levy View PDF

Bylaw 23-04

Supplementary Assessment View PDF
Bylaw 22-09 Taxation Levy 2022 View PDF

Bylaw 19-04

Debenture for RR 14 project View PDF
Bylaw 23-09 Tax Penalty Bylaw View PDF
Bylaw 16-04 Vermilion District Housing Foundation Debenture - Lending View PDF
Bylaw 16-03 Vermilion District Housing Foundation Debenture - Borrowing View PDF
Bylaw 15-31 Well Drilling Tax View PDF

Bylaw 15-12

Stormwater Utility Fee Schedule (amends 11-16) View PDF
Bylaw 14-24 Paradise Valley School Debenture View PDF

Bylaw 14-23

Dewberry Arena Debenture View PDF
Bylaw 22-14 Split Assessment View PDF
Bylaw 10-32 Local Improvement Tax Levy View PDF
Bylaw 09-09 Assessment Review Board Appeal Fees View PDF

Bylaw 08-02

Temporary Borrowing View PDF

Bylaw 21-14

Tax Installment Payments View PDF

Bylaw 23-06

Property Tax & Supplementary Property Tax View PDF

Bylaw 23-07

Vermilion Recreation Levy View PDF

Bylaw 23-08

Dewberry Recreation Levy View PDF


Public Works Bylaws

Bylaw 24-10 Highway Management Bylaw View PDF
Bylaw 21-22 Water and Sewer Public Utilities View PDF

Bylaw 18-16

Traffic Bylaw Amendment View PDF

Bylaw 12-06

Master Transportation Plan View PDF
Bylaw 11-05 Water Utility System Control and Management  View PDF

The Traffic Bylaw can be found under Protective Services above.

Natural Gas Utility Bylaws

Bylaw 22-18

Gas Utility Rate Bylaw View PDF


The menu below shows the operating policies for the County.  Click on the topic tab to find a policy.

Administrative Policies

 View PDF

AD 001 Access to Copies of County Records View PDF

AD 002

Removal of County Documents View PDF
AD 004 Purchasing Policy View PDF

AD 005

Hamlet Management Policy View PDF

AD 006

Restrictions for Private Waste Containers View PDF

AD 008

English 30 Awards View PDF

AD 009

Disposal of County Surplus Materials & Items View PDF

AD 010

Risk Management Program View PDF
AD 011 Technology System Management View PDF
AD 012 Technology Access by Users View PDF
AD 013 County Flag Policy View PDF
AD 015 Post Secondary Education Awards View PDF
AD 016 Security Policy View PDF

AD 017

Grants & Project Management View PDF

AD 018

Milestones Recognition Policy View PDF
AD 020 Vehicle Replacement Policy View PDF
AD 021 Development Agreement Security for Multi-Lot Development Subdivisions View PDF

AD 022

Off-Site Levy Policies View PDF
AD 023 Cell Phones View PDF

AD 024

Access to Information View PDF
AD 025 Personal Privacy Policy  View PDF
AD 026 Confidentiality View PDF
AD 027 Public Engagement View PDF
AD 028 Signing Authority View PDF

Agriculture Policies

AG 001 Beaver Control View PDF
AG 003 Grasshopper Control View PDF
AG 004 Hamlet Weed Control View PDF

AG 005

Coyote Control Toxicants & Devices View PDF
AG 006 Pest Control Services View PDF

AG 008

Roadside Grass Seeding View PDF

AG 013

Fusarium Gramineareum Management Plan View PDF

AG 014

Hamlet Mowing and Beautfication Policy View PDF
AG 015 Control of Clubroot Disease (updated Nov 2018) View PDF

AG 016

Weed & Vegetation Management  View PDF

Legislative Policies

 View PDF
LE 001 Council Remuneration and Expenses 
LE 002 Notice of Council and Committee Meetings to the Public View PDF

LE 003

Title of Chief Elected Officer  View PDF

Natural Gas Utility Policies

NG 001 Cost Sharing View PDF
NG 008 Payment from Rebates from the Rate Stabilization Reserve View PDF

NG 010

Gas Utility Operator Training View PDF

NG 011

Gas Monitoring Units View PDF
NG 016 Natural Gas Billing View PDF
NG 017 Gas Billable Services View PDF

Planning & Community Services Policies

PD 001 Compliance Letter Request View PDF
PD 002 Access Management Approaches View PDF

PD 003

Access Roads View PDF
PD 004 Land Management View PDF
PD 006 Acquisition of Land for Future Road Widening Purposes View PDF
PD 007 Sustainable Planning & Development Requirements View PDF
PD 007 Schedule A View PDF
PD 010 Subdivision Approach Requirements View PDF
PD 011 ASP Standards & Development Charges View PDF
PD 011 Schedule B View PDF
PD 012 Municipal Reserves View PDF

PD 013

Private Septic Systems Policy View PDF
PD 014 General Municipal Servicing Standards View PDF
PD 014 Schedule A View PDF
PD 015 Subdivision and Development Condition Requirements View PDF
PD 019 Cemetery Improvement Funding View PDF

PD 021

Community Enhancement Funding View PDF

PD 023

Road Closure Policy View PDF

Protective Services Policies

PS 001 Age Requirement for County Rural Firefighting View PDF

PS 002

Minimum Number of Trained Firefighters in a Department  View PDF
PS 003 Contract Department Rescue Units View PDF
PS 004 Subsistence for Fire Fighter Training View PDF
PS 005 Tower Rental View PDF

PS 006

Fire Hall Funding View PDF
PS 008 Pandemic Policy View PDF

PS 009

Community Peace Officers View PDF

Public Works Policies

 View PDF
PW 001 Fencing View PDF
PW 003 Local Priorities View PDF

PW 004

Line Crossing on County Roadways View PDF
PW 006 Dust Suppression 
PW 007 Quality Standards for Snow Removal View PDF

PW 008

Quality Standards for Winter Conditions View PDF
PW 009 Criteria for Stop Signs View PDF

PW 010

Road Construction Standards & Procedures View PDF

PW 011

Texas Gate Standard & Procedures View PDF
PW 012 Public Works Projects View PDF
PW 013 Sale of Gravel Standards & Procedures View PDF

PW 014

Installation of Engine Retarder Brake Signs View PDF
PW 015 Snow Plow Flag View PDF
PW 016 Brushing Right-of-Ways View PDF

PW 017

Commuter Roads View PDF

PW 018

Speed Control Areas View PDF

PW 019

Emergent Projects View PDF
PW 020 Drainage Ditches View PDF
PW 021 Aircraft Strips and Use of Roads View PDF
PW 022 Gravel Pit View PDF
PW 025 Heavy Truck Permitting View PDF

PW 026

Administrative Guidelines for Gravel Pit Reclamation View PDF
PW 026 Gravel Pit Reclamation View PDF

PW 027

Signage View PDF

Safety Policies

SA 001 Municipal Safety View PDF
SA 002 Safety Inspection Directive View PDF
SA 003 Safety Training Directive View PDF

SA 004

Maintenance Program Directive View PDF
SA 005 Personal Protective Equipment View PDF

SA 006

Investigation Directive View PDF
SA 007 Sub-Contractor and Contractor Directive View PDF
SA 008 Work Alone View PDF

SA 009

Safety Points Program View PDF
SA 010 Modified Work View PDF
SA 011 Case Coordination View PDF
SA 012 Injury Response View PDF

SA 014

Injury Reporting View PDF

SA 015

Pre-Placement Screening View PDF

SA 017

Vehicle Safety View PDF

SA 018

PPE Safety Boot Allowance View PDF

SA 019

Safe Work Practices Directive View PDF

Tax Assessment Policies

Please check back for tax assessment policies.

Water & Sewer Policies

UT 001 Water & Sewer Installation View PDF
UT 002 Collection of Water & Sewer Accounts  View PDF