Emergency Contact

 After Hours Emergency - (780) 846-2929

Ruptured Gas Line

If a gas line is ruptured while performing ground disturbance:

  • Immediately shutoff all motorized equipment and or vehicles
  • Evacuate UP WIND to a safe distance
  • Call our emergency number 780-846-2929 as soon as possible
  • DO NOT attempt to stop the leak; you may be putting yourself and others in danger. Static electricity could be an ignition point.

Gas Odors

If you smell a gas odor in your house or any building with power service:

  • Evacuate the building immediately and do not operate any light switches, appliances, land line phones, cell phones, and battery operated flashlights, anything that may cause an ignition point
  • Call 780-846-2222 (780-846-2929 after hours) as soon as possible from a safe location away from the building


Physical Properties of Natural Gas

  Natural Gas Carbon Monoxide
Chemical Formula CH4 CO
Color Invisible (colourless) Invisible (colourless)
Taste You cannot taste it You cannot taste it
Odor Odorless in its natural state; an odorant mercaptan is added to make it smell You cannot smell it
Irritant Does not irritate eyes or nose Does not irritate eyes or noes
Density Lighter than air (0.6 vs 1.0) Slightly lighter than air (0.975 vs 1.0)
Flammability Flammable and explosive Flammable and explosive
Ignition Temp 549 C or 1,200 F 609 C or 1,128 F
Toxicity Poisonous - can cause death Poisonous - can cause death


Carbon Monoxide

If you suspect Carbon Monoxide in your house or any heated building:

  • Open windows
  • Evacuate building
  • Call 780-846-2222 (780-846-2929 after hours) as soon as possible from a safe location away from the building