ALUS Vermilion River

ALUS Vermilion River

Contact: Chris Elder

ALUS Coordinator 


ALUS, originally an acronym for Alternative Land Use Services, is a charitable organization with an innovative community-developed and farmer-delivered program that produces, enhances, and maintains ecosystem services on agricultural lands. Projects such as wetland restoration and enhancement, riparian buffers, shelterbelts, afforestation, and native prairie grass restoration provide cleaner water and air, habitat, carbon sequestration and climate resiliency.

Vision - Sustaining agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for communities and future generations.

Mission - ALUS helps farmers and ranchers build nature-based solutions on their land to sustain agriculture and biodiversity for the benefit of communities and future generations.

ALUS Producer Stories

County of Vermilion River Sign with ALUS sign in front blue sky in background

ALUS Project Showcase

The County of Vermilion River started the first ALUS program in Alberta. In 2020 we celebrated our 10th anniversary by launching an ALUS Project Showcase that features participant stories, project photos, videos, and maps and more information about the ALUS program in our community. Click on the image to experience the ALUS Showcase yourself.


Ralf and Denise Jonas 

Brian Headon

Stewards of the Land (full video)

ALUS in Wonderland

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Give to ALUS Canada and invest in farmers and ranchers who are building nature-based solution to give us all cleaner air, cleaner water, more habitat, and more biodiversity.

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Local ALUS News

Lakeland College Bat Rehabilitation 

View the Article from Lakeland College HERE


Grazing Forward Program 

With generous funding from Cargill and A&W, ALUS has added enhanced grazing to the list of eligible project types. The ALUS Grazing Forward Program helps ranchers improve their grazing management practices by supporting paddock fencing, watering systems, grazing plans and more.  Learn more about the Grazing Forward Program HERE

Watch the videos of local producers Cole Goad and Sean McGrath share their story about participating in this program.