Dust Suppression

The County of Vermilion River, in an effort to provide reduced amount of dust on gravel roads, will provide an option to apply Dust Suppression materials to roads utilized by residents and industry at a cost that will be set annually. Please see Policy PW 006 for further information.


Dust Control applications for the 2023 year will be accepted starting April 1, 2023 and will be accepted until June 30, 2023.   Please contact the Public Works at 780.846.3309 or publicworks@county24.com if you have questions on how to fill out the application or questions about the program.


Residential Dust Suppression

Residential Dust Suppression under this program will be based on industrial truck traffic or when requested from the resident.

  • The County will apply a maximum of 200 meters of Dust Suppression to be applied at an occupied residence on a primary yard site at no cost to the resident.
  • Any additional length of Dust Suppression requested by the resident over the initial 200 meter application per Primary Yard Site will be at their sole cost.
  • Residents that request Dust Suppression for Residential Properties that are 250 meters or more from a municipal road will be applied at the sole cost of the Resident. 
  • Residents who request more than 200 meters of Dust Suppressant for a Primary Yard Site or who live 250 meters or more from a municipal road will pay a predetermined rate set by Council, reviewed annually, as per the County's Goods and Services Fee Schedule Bylaw.
  • Residents may request to not have Dust Suppression applied in front of their yard site.  Requests must be received by June 1 of each year and will be reviewed on an individual basis.  

If you are wanting Dust Suppressant, please fill out Schedule A & Schedule B.

Visit our real time map of all ongoing dust control.