Waste Transfer Sites

Waste Authority - Transfer Station Sites

Contact: Fran Schaumleffel, 780.853.5561
Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Commission

 Transfer Station Operation Hours

Inclement weather: call the office at 780.853.5561 to get updates on transfer station sites - automated recordings will inform you of any changes.  

View the Interactive Map for site locations  

Dewberry/Clandonald Transfer Station         (NE 11-53-5 W4) PARADISE VALLEY TRANSFER STATION   (NW 7-47-2 W4)
Thursday 12:00pm—4:00pm (year round)
Saturday 9:00am—2:00pm (year round)
Wednesday 10:00am—12:00pm (year round)
Saturday 9:00am—2:00pm (year round)
         KITSCOTY TRANSFER STATION            (SE 35-50-3 W4)             MARWAYNE TRANSFER STATION      (SE 34-52-3 W4)
Wednesday 2:00pm—5:00pm (Nov. 1- Apr 30)
2:00pm—7:00pm (May 1 - Oct 31)
Thursday 1:00pm—5:00pm (May 1- Oct 31)
Saturday 10:00am—4:00pm (year round)
Wednesday 2:00pm—5:00pm (Nov 1 -Apr 30)
2:00pm—7:00pm (May 1 - Oct 31)
Saturday 10:00am—2:00pm (year round)
        TULLIBY LAKE TRANSFER STATION    (NW 6-55-1 W4)             PRESTON TRANSFER STATION        (SW 30-48-6 W4)
Wednesday 5:00pm—9:00pm (May 1 - Sept 30)
Saturday 10:00am—2:00pm (Oct 1 - Apr 30)
Wednesday 4:00pm—8:00pm (May 1 - Sept 30)
Saturday 10:00am—2:00pm (year round)
If you require further information contact the Vermilion River
Waste Management Services Commission (VRRWMSC)
during regular office hours at 780-853-5561.
            VERMILION TRANSFER STATION           (SW 5-51-6 W4)

Monday - Saturday 9:00am—4:45pm (year round)                                                           Closed on Sunday & all Statutory Holidays


Acceptable/Unacceptable Waste

Acceptable Waste

Waste Type Disposal Station Additional Notes
Household  In Containers  
Cardboard Cardboard Recycling Bins Flatten all cardboard
Wood/Wood Products Burning Pit  
Clean burnables & Yard Waste Designated Location  
Rolled Wire In Wire Compound  
e-Waste Designated Location ***Not Accepted at Tulliby Lake & Preston Sites***
Metal In Metal Compound  
Mattresses & Upholstered Furniture Designated Compound  
Small Propane Bottles Metal Pile  
Large Propane Bottles Collected in Cages/Pallets  Do not place in metal pile
Appliances In Appliance Compound  
Batteries ***Ask Supervisor***  
Agricultural Chemical Containers Designated Area

Empty, Triple Rinsed, Cap Removed & Bagged (Bags Available at Transfer Site)

***Not accepted at Tulliby Lake or Preston Sites***

Tires In Tire Compound  
Oil, oil filters, & drained oil filters Designated Receptacles  
Empty Paint Cans & Used Paint Designated Bin

Up to 23 L Cans

***Not accepted at Tulliby Lake or Preston Site***


Unacceptable Waste

Material/Items Additional Notes
Animal Carcasses  
Asphalt Shingles Accepted ONLY at Vermilion Transfer Site
Liquid Wastes  
Toxic Wastes  
Car Bodies  
Plasterboard/Gyprock Accepted ONLY at Vermilion Transfer Site


Special Provisions


The transfer sites will accept corrugated cardboard that is flattened before it is placed in the bin. We accept boxboard, tin cans, newspapers, magazines, books and other paper.

NOTE: Further information about recycling opportunities in Alberta is posted at Alberta's Recycling Hotline at:  www.recyclinghotline.ca

We do not recycle the following:
#3 (PVC) - Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride - plastic building materials, shower curtains, cooking oil bottles, clear food wrap.
#6 Plastic Polystyrene (PS) — disposable drinking cups, egg cartons, take-out food containers, CD/DVD cases, building insulation, etc.
#7 - Other (Items with BPA) — sport bottles and equipment, car parts, baby bottles, electrical wiring, etc.


  • Large items such as fibreglass tubs, showers, hot tubs, must be cut in pieces no bigger that 2 feet x 4 feet.
  • Vinyl siding, plastic pipe and hoses must be cut into 4 ft. lengths.
  • There are new size restrictions on household waste items (such as vinyl siding, pipe, hoses, countertops, laminate flooring and more) plus additional requirements for other large items (hot tubs, shingles, metal chairs, flooring on wood, hoses).  SEE FULL DETAILS HERE.
  • All vinyl siding brought to the Vermilion Transfer Site must be cut into four foot lengths.


Approved transfer sites will continue to offer household hazardous waste recycling. There are hazardous waste bins on site to hold acceptable items. Small household-sized containers such as glue, cleaners, insecticides, rechargeable batteries, etc., are considered hazardous waste. Common household cleaners such as oven cleaner, bleach and soaps are not considered hazardous waste and can be put in the household waste bins. if the word “Contains no PCBs” appears on an item, it can also be put in household waste. Fluorescent ballasts, fluorescent tubes, halogen lights or curly bulb lights are to be placed in household waste bins. If there are containers which have solidified, they can be placed in the household waste bins. Small propane tanks that power lights or stoves can be disposed in the metal pile if they are empty. Larger propane bottles (20#) are collected in cages or pallets, and are not to be placed in the metal pile.



  • Major construction/demolition debris requires special authorization from the Authority. 
    Segregation; a fee may be assessed.
  • Non-residential tipping fees apply
  • Out of hours access fee of $30 for up to 3 hours will be charged.
  • For concrete disposal, call the Waste Commission.
  • Triple rinsed containers are accepted at all transfer stations, except Kitscoty.


  • There is no charge for any of the above products to rate payers within the region.
  • Contractors within the region must use the Vermilion Transfer Site for their waste and the charge is $90/mT for those located within the region.
  • Large amounts of building materials such as shingles and siding should be taken to the Vermilion Transfer Site.  There is no charge for rate payers for building materials as long as they are from personal dwellings.
  • A tipping fee will apply to users who are not residents of the County of Vermilion River or the Town of Vermilion. 
Backyard Burning

For some important information regarding Backyard Burning please click here.

Satellite Transfer Site

Satellite Transfer Site (E360s, Lloydminster)

Address: 5502-59 Avenue (adjacent to the E360s recycling yard)

Hours: Saturdays from 10:00am - 2:00pm

All County of Vermilion River residents may use this site for household waste only. A proof of residence will be required at the gate.

Burn Pit Policy

View the Burn Pit Policy that the Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Services Commission follows.

Hamlet Pickup Services

Tips for Smooth Cart Collection

Collection of Residential Waste Schedule
BLACKFOOT Approx. 12:00pm Noon KITSCOTY Approx. 7:00am      
ISLAY Approx. 1:30pm MARWAYNE Approx. 10:00am
DEWBERRY Approx. 9:00am CLANDONALD Approx. 12:00pm Noon

As the times on this schedule are approximate. Please be certain to have your bins at the curb ready for pick up by 7:00 a.m. on pick up day and remove them once collection is completed.


If you have any complaints regarding collection of your waste, please contact E360s (formerly Quik Pick Waste Disposal) directly at 780.875.4100.