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Blackfoot, Clandonald, Dewberry & Islay Water Utility

Over the past 5 years the hamlets of Blackfoot, Islay, Dewberry and Clandonald have been connected to the Alberta Central East (ACE) Regional Waterline.

In 2018, the hamlet of Blackfoot was connected to the Alberta Central East (ACE) Regional Waterline. Islay followed in 2019 and most recently Dewberry and Clandonald were connected in 2022. This connection to ACE Waterline transitions water from the North Saskatchewan River via the Lloydminster water treatment system to our four connected hamlets.

WHAT IS Alberta Central East (ACE) Regional Waterline AND WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?

Alberta Central East (ACE) Water Corporation which is a regional entity owned by the 11 member municipalities. The Regional Water System has been funded by a combination of Federal, Provincial and Municipal funding. 

The ACE Board of Directors is comprised of nine elected municipal representatives from three counties and five Towns and Villages and are in place to make important decisions during the planning, construction and operation of the regional system. 


The SCADA system was implemented early 2010. The system continuously monitors the Total Chlorine (disinfection mg/l), distribution pressure and pumps status, reservoir level, well pump status and building temperature. The system will send alerts and also allows access to current status and historical trends by remote desktop.


Community Water Well Info

Community Water Well Tank Loader Facilities have been established throughout the County of Vermilion River in an effort to help minimize the devastating effects drought has had on the region in the past years.

The intent of these facilities is to provide reliable sources of water for fire protection services, municipal operations, and agriculture activities.

Alberta Environment issues the individual facilities a water diversion license. The water diversion license ensures that the producing aquifer is protected from overuse.

Access to water is on a pre-paid system.  An account and payment in advance is required.  

Non-Potable Water Locations: Paradise Valley, Preston, Alcurve, Riverton, Highway 640


  • $4.50/m3 for agriculture
  • $6.00/m3 for commercial use.



The Community Water Well Tank Loader Facilities have been converted to operate on a PIN Pad operations system. In order to access water, you must enter a four-digit PIN number.


Enter Number 1 or 2 to select truck or barrel fill hose.


Enter your three-digit access code.


Enter your four-digit PIN number.


Paradise Valley: Hwy 897 & TWP 475
SW 36-47-3-W4M

Preston: TWP 480 & RR 62
NW 35-47-6-W4M

Alcurve: RR 12, between TWP 522 & 520
NE 3-52-1-W4M

Riverton: RR 35, between TWP 542 & 544
SW 20-54-3-W4M

Highway 640: Hwy 640, between RR50 & RR 51
NE 12-55-5-W4M

Potable Water Locations: Dewberry


  • $6.61/m3

Dewberry  Bulk Water Station is set up on a manual system. To set up an account please contact the County office at 780-846-2244.


Dewberry Bulk Water Station: 1 Avenue North & 2 Street West

1 cubic metre = 220 gallons.

Map Community Water Wells