Blackfoot Wastewater Upgrade Project


The upgrades to the existing lagoon facility are to accommodate current and future growth of the hamlet. Currently the estimate population, at the time of re-initiation of this project, is 386 people within the Hamlet of Blackfoot. The upgrades to the facility would accommodate a projected growth of 568 people. 

The proposed simplistic design is to upgrade the wastewater treatment process and disposal system. These upgrades include accommodation for future receiving of wastewater and upon completion of treatment cycle the discharge of treated effluent to the Blackfoot Creek. The proposed improvements would create an expansion and creation of a 6,100 m3 facultative cell and the construction of additional 25,000 m3 storage cell. 

The biological process of treating the Hamlet's wastewater will include the existing anaerobic treatment, the addition of facultative process and increasing the capacity of storage. Anaerobic is the treatment microorganisms do to break down waste matter in the absence of oxygen. The sludge that is created at this initial stage contains anaerobic bacteria and other beneficial microbes. These microorganisms digest the organic matter in the wastewater. The next step of facultative is the process of the introduction of oxygen that can introduce algae for the successful performance of the facultative process. the last stage of the treatment process is the storage for a twelve (12) month period to further treat the wastewater. 

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As part of providing sustainable wastewater treatment for the Hamlet of Blackfoot, the County of Vermilion River is planning an upgrade to the existing wastewater facility. These upgrades are to accommodate current and future population and development within and immediately adjacent to the Hamlet. 

These upgrades would include:

  1. modifications to the current lagoon facility 
  2. enlarge storage capacity 
  3. re-routing the refurbished water from the current irrigation location

This project supports the County's plan for sustainability. the project is a natural process that results in the same quality as if it was mechanically processed. The process and the result are environmentally sustaining. The discharge also assists the environment by helping clean and flush the drainage systems.  


Blackfoot Wastewater Project 

Blackfoot Wastewater System Improvement Project Slides - January 30 Open House


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