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Click here for details on what you need to know and do for getting gas services.

In addition to supplying natural gas for home heating, we also:

  • Supply/Install Secondary Gas Lines for:
    • Prime and Backup Power Generation
    • Gas BBQ’s
    • Shop/Barn Heaters
    • Grain Bin Aeration
  • Supply/Install Grain Dryer services
  • Supply/Install Conduit & Water Line
  • Utility Plowing and Trenching
  • Pipefitting
  • Oilfield Fuel Supply & Gas Gathering

Call us for a free quote or to book your Natural Gas Service. 

Watch our Gas Utility team in action as they plow gas lines in this video


Book your new or secondary services early as we cannot guarantee installation in frost conditions.

If you have received a quote and have not remitted payment or signed a service agreement, contact our office as soon as possible to advise us of the status of your new service. Services are installed on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner we have your information and payment, the sooner your new gas service will be installed.



Effective January 1, 2023

Rural Services $8,000 + 75% any additional costs

Rural Services under 200 ft                (excluding subdivisions)

Rural Residential Subdivision                      (individual lots) $5,000
Commercial Subdivision Services $8,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply services
Urban Residential Services $2,750
Urban Commercial Services                             (up to 500,000 BTU's) $2,750 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
Urban Commercial Services                      (500,000 -1,500,000 BTU's) $5,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
Urban Commercial Services                      (1,500,000+ BTU's) $8,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
Grain Dryers, Irrigation & Rural Commercial Services (2 - 8,000,000 BTU's) Cost established on an individual basis
Second Service on existing services lot Cost to be determined prior to signing another contract
New or Proposed Subdivisions Cost for supply line & looping within and around the subdivision to be established on an individual basis and needs to be prepared by developer

Services installed in frost conditions may be subject to additional costs.  Installation in frost conditions are at Manager's discretion.


Click here for the Service Completion Notification Form (to be completed and faxed or e-mailed to the Permit Issuer and us before service can be unlocked).