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Roadside Vegetation Management for 2024

April 23 2024

Haying Municipal Roadsides

Any landowners who want to harvest hay along County roads are welcome to do so, but all haying must be completed before July 15, prior to roadside mowing.

Roadside Hay Agreement

If you want the County to delay herbicide application along a portion of roadside by your property so it can be hayed, landowners can apply for a hay agreement by May 31. With a signed Hay Agreement, the County will delay spraying the designated roadside until July 15.  All haying along County roadsides, with or without a Hay Agreement, must be completed before July 15 to allow for roadside mowing. Hay Permits are available for downloaded HERE

Roadside Spraying

The County will be blanket spraying roadsides in Spray Area 3 (the southern third of the county) in 2024. We will be spraying roadsides to control weeds, brush, tall vegetation (including sweetclover and alfalfa) and volunteer canola and brassicas (for clubroot management).

Other roadside areas within the County may be spot sprayed for noxious weed or brush control when necessary.

Please note that the County will not spray municipal road ditches within 30m (100 feet) adjacent to obviously maintained yard sites, tame shelterbelts, or dugouts. (Obvious means that the operator can see the mowed/maintained area in time to stop spraying before they get to the driveway or maintained area.) If weed issues arise in these areas, we will obtain written permission from the owner/occupant maintaining the area. If you are mowing or trimming your driveway or yard site, you no longer need to apply for a No Spray Agreement for that area.

No Spray Agreements

The County recognizes that some landowners do not want herbicides applied to the municipal road right of ways (ROW) adjacent to their property, so No Spray Agreements are available to those ratepayers who agree to themselves control weeds and vegetation within the County ROW to meet the County’s vegetation management standards. Complete the No Spray Agreement before May 31 annually. The No Spray Agreement form is found HERE.


Visit the Agriculture and Environment webpage for more information on the Vegetation Management Programs.

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