The Council of the County of Vermilion River is comprised of seven Councillors who are elected for four year terms:

Council oversees all municipal activities, including:

  • Municipal planning and zoning by-laws
  • Land development
  • Property taxes
  • The borrowing of money for capital expenditures
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Fire protection
  • Recreation programs and facilities
  • Building standards
  • Transportation/traffic
  • Storm sewer, sidewalk, road maintenance and improvement
  • Water & sewage
  • Disposal of garbage

All of these powers are delegated to the municipality from the Government of Alberta through legislative Acts and Regulations.

Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the County Office at 9:00 A.M. and are open to the public.  Any changes to the meeting schedule will be posted on the Upcoming Events Calendar on our home page. This schedule may change at any time. 

Any person who wishes to speak at a Council meeting may do so provided that notice is first given to the County Administrator using this Request for Appointment Form, no later than one week preceding the Council meeting.

The meetings of Council and its Committees are regulated by the rules contained in the Council Procedures Bylaw. Procedures have evolved over the years and are intended to facilitate efficient handling of Council business. The provisions of the Procedures Bylaw are observed both by Council and by its Committees.

Monthly Councillor Time Sheets

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Council 2017-2021

2019 2020 Council

Back Row:  Councillor Jason Stelmaschuk; Councillor Leslie Cusack; Councillor Marty Baker; Reeve Lonnie Wolgien; CAO Harold Northcott
Front Row: Councillor Stacey Hryciuk; Councillor Dale Swyripa; Deputy Reeve Clinton Murray


On behalf of your 2017-2021 elected Council, Marty Baker, Dale Swyripa, Stacey Hryciuk, Jason Stelmaschuk, Les Cusack, Clinton Murray and myself, Lonnie Wolgien, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our ratepayers and staff for the many expressions of support we have received during our first year in office.  It is also my pleasure to serve as your Reeve with Clinton Murray as our Deputy Reeve.


A full year of involvement and receiving an extensive education of the County’s broad spectrum of needs, desires, opportunities and challenges has inspired an overall approach in Council’s quest for united and ratified positive progression.  We thank our new and existing Directors, plus administration staff for their sound efforts in providing Council with sanctioned information, and sharing their knowledge and experience in order for Council make consistent and viable decisions.


This has been a busy year for all departments and a big thanks goes out to our frontline employees who continually work in the eye of the public on designated projects, maintenance and unforeseen issues as they arise.


We have seen workload increases in all departments due to Government mandates, rural crime, emergency response calls, influx of noxious weeds, pests and club root and extreme amounts of moisture in many areas of the County.  These have had effects on the Public Works projects and maintenance of infrastructure, Agriculture and Environment’s mowing and beaver issues, along with Gas Utility requests for grain dryer installations.


Due in part to the status of the current local economy, Council deems it necessary to review and revise capital project plans in order to become even more frugal with spending to maintain existing service levels.


Council is committed in our efforts to establish ratepayer satisfaction and trust, and providing transparency throughout the organization. 


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