Off Site Levies


Off-Site Levy Information Sheet

The County of Vermilion River passed Bylaw 12-04 on July 24, 2012.  The Off-Site Levy Bylaw effectively sets an approved value on a per acre/hectare basis, within a specified area, for capital infrastructure upgrades required due to development.  In order to move forward in a responsible manner and facilitate development, the necessary upgrades to both arterial road networks and drainage utility systems have been included in Bylaw 12-04.

Bylaw 12-04: Approved July 24, 2012

The County of Vermilion River approved Policy AD022 on July 24, 2012.  This policy outlines the necessary policies pertaining to Off-Site Levies in the County. For information concerning exemptions, thresholds and deferments, please see Policy AD022.

Policy AD022: Approved July 24, 2012


In order to address some of the common questions associated with Off-Site Levies, the County has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions sheet for information.  For additional comments or concerns, please contact the Planning and Community Services Department.