Resident FAQ's

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General FAQ

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Q: How much are County maps?
A: Folded maps are $15. Rolled up maps are $25. If you need a map mailed to you, fees will be $15 for a folded map and $40 for a rolled up map. Some maps can be downloaded for free from our map page.

Q: Can you tell me who owns a specific quarter of land?
A: Because of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) we can't tell you that. You can come to the County Office and look at or purchase a map to find it for yourself.

Q: I am a renter. Can I have a copy of the utility bills?
A: We can only bill the owner of the property but the owner can come in and sign an authorization form which will allow us to send the renter a copy of their monthly bills.

Q: Do I still need a burning permit in the winter?
A: Yes. A burning permit is required year round.

Q: I just moved to the county. Who do I contact to get my kids on the school bus?
A: Buffalo Trails Public School Division. They can be reached at 780-842-6144 or

Q: I want the school bus to come in my yard to pick up the kids; what needs to be done?
A: You need to contact Buffalo Trails School Division (780-842-6144) and speak with the Transportation Coordinator and they will verify if your yard is a Yard Turn Around.

Q: Do you carry maps of other counties and MDs?
A: No, we only carry our maps. Maps of other jurisdictions can be purchased from Map Town.

Q: When is the landfill open?
A: Hours and locations are on our Waste Transfer Sites page.

Q: Do I need a licence for my dog?
A: Yes you do - we have plenty of dog ownership tips and information on our Pets page.

Q: How do I deal with wildlife and pests such as skunks, beavers, rats or magpies?
A: Contact the Agriculture department for assistance with removal or visit our Pest Control page for more information.

Q: Who do I contact when a street light is out or needs repair?

A: You can fill out the Report A Street Light Problem form on ATCO's website.  You will need the number that is located on the pole itself when reporting.


Public Works Questions

Q: Who looks after Highway 16?
A: Emcon maintains all Provincial Highways in the County. This includes Highways 16, 17, 41 & 45 and Secondary Highways 619, 631, 640, 641, 893 and 897. You can contact the Vermilion office at (780) 853-9122.

Q: Does the County offer dust control?
A: Yes. You can find more information on the Roads page.

Q: Does the County provide snowplow services for private lanes?
A: Yes. You can find more information on the Roads page.

Q: Can I get a "Children Playing" sign installed?
A: The County will not install "Children Playing" signs on County roadsides. If ratepayers wish to install signs of this nature, they must install them on their own property and not on County roadsides.

Q: Can I get a "School Bus Stop" sign installed?
A: The County will provide a sign under the following conditions: There must be at least 300 meters of visibility either way of the sign location for the County to pay for the sign and installation.

Q: Are farmers exempt from Road Bans during the spring road ban season?
A: No, farmers are not exempt from any road bans. In order to travel on banned roads during the spring road ban season, farmers moving grain, bales, equipment etc., must obtain an Agricultural Permit from the County office and have it displayed in their vehicle at all times during the ban.

Q: What are the speed limits in the County?
A: All County rural roads are 80 km/hr unless otherwise posted. If you experience vehicles going faster than the posted speed limit, you are encouraged to call your local RCMP.

Q: There are trees over-hanging onto the road; how do we get them removed?
A: The County will remove any trees from County roadsides that may cause a safety concern due to reduced visibility. If the trees are on private property, it will be the responsibility of the landowner to remove those trees.


Gas Utility Questions

Q: How do I get new services installed?
A: Contact the office for ordering services 780-846-2222 or check out the New Services Brochure.

Q: What does a secondary gas service cost?
A: Please contact the Office to arrange a site visit to determine costs. 

Q: Does it cost anything to remove my primary gas service?

A: No, but there will be a charge to have it hooked up again.


Water & Sewer Questions

Wondering about New Water Services, Installing a Water Softener, dealing with Back Ups or how to get a Garbage Bin? 

Head over to the Water & Sewer Utility page.


Assessment & Taxation Questions

Would you like to know about Market Value, How to Pay Taxes or How your Assessment is Calculated?

Head over to the Taxes & Assessment page.