Responsible Pet Ownership

Dogs bring a community to life and are an important part of many families residing in the County of Vermilion River. The Dog Control Bylaw was put in place to regulate and control dogs within the County.
This bylaw is enforced by the contract Dog Control Officer employed by the County of Vermilion River.

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Lost Pets

Nuisance Dogs

What to do if your dog or your neighbour’s dog barks excessively

Nuisance Barking

  • Barking is a nuisance when the sound annoys or disturbs the peace of others
  • Barking is considered excessive when it is routine, occurs late at night, lasts longer than a few minutes, and is in close proximity to other people
Why does my dog bark too much?
  • Dogs bark when doorbells ring, when strangers or other animals come into sight, to seek attention, from boredom or from stress or fear.
  • As a pet owner you are responsible for controlling your dog’s barking and preventing it from disturbing others
How does barking affect others?

While dog owners are seldom bothered by their dog’s bark, neighbours are affected in a number of ways. The sound of a barking dog can:

  • Create Stress
  • Disturb Sleep
  • Affect Concentration
  • Affect Moods and Relaxation
  • Interfere with Enjoyment of Personal Space
What can I do?

Use training or control techniques to prevent your dog from barking too much.

  • Register with a qualified training centre to learn simple commands to stop your dog’s barking when it starts.
  • Dogs are den animals. Provide your dog with a crate to stay in when you are away to ease his stress
  • Teach your dog to remain quiet when the doorbell rings
  • Reward good behaviour through positive words, treats and touch
  • If necessary, use a barking control device available from your local pet store
Need our help?

If excessive barking is a nuisance:

  • Let your neighbour know the barking disturbs you.
  • Create a barking log to identify when the dog barks and why.
  • Register concerns by contacting Enforcement Services at 780-846-2244

Owning a Dog in the County

Dogs are a great addition to the County, but there are some obligations you have as a dog owner.

Responsible dog owners look after their pet’s health and wellness and also make sure their pet is a positive addition to the community.

There are a few obligations have as a pet owner to be considerate of your neighbours and protect your pet.


All dogs three months or older must have a valid dog license and tag so we can contact you if your dog gets lost. You can mail, fax or stop by the County office to obtain a license and tag for your dog. You can also visit the Lloydminster SPCA to obtain a license. Dogs brought to the Lloydminster SPCA will require a license before they can be returned to the owner or adopted into the County.

Click here for Dog License form or stop by the County office


Dogs are not allowed to be loose, unless they are on your property. Dogs must always be on a leash when on public property and should be contained in a secure yard or building when on your property.


Barking is natural for dogs when they are bored, lonely, or want to alert their owners of something, but excessive barking can disturb your neighbours.
Excessive barking can be addressed through dog training, socializing, exercising, and family interaction.


Pet waste can be smelly, unattractive and can even be a health issue for you and your pet. Carry a bag with you to pick up your pet’s poop whenever you are off your property. Poop can be collected in a plastic bag and thrown in the garbage.

You do not need to clean up waste immediately on your private property, but you still need to clean it up regularly. Allowing excessive waste to build up affects your neighbours and pet negatively.


There are wild animals in the County of Vermilion River that can injure or kill dogs. Closely supervising your pet and being aware of your surroundings are the best ways to keep them safe.


While spaying or neutering is not required in the County of Vermilion River, it is highly recommended.

“Fixing” your pet prevents the birth of unwanted animals, improves overall health, and reduces aggression in dogs.

Dog Licenses

All dogs three months or older must have a valid dog license. Pet licenses are available at the County Office or the Lloydminster SPCA.

Why license your dog?

  • A dog license with up-to-date information ensures the County can contact you if your pet is found.
  • If you own a dog over three months of age, it must be licensed – even indoor pets
  • Click here for interactive form or stop by the County office.

Things you need to know

A maximum of two dogs (any dog over three months) are allowed per residence in a Hamlet or Subdivision

  • A maximum of four dogs are allowed per residence on an acreage or farm
  • All dogs must display a County-issued license tag when off their owner’s property.
  • If you move, no longer have your pet, or your contact information changes, please let us know. Information can be updated in-person at the County Office or by calling 780-846-2244.
  • The fees associated with the Dog Control Bylaw are as follows:



Replacement Tag


Impoundment Fee

Set by Dog Pound

Care & Sustenance

Set by Dog Pound

Veterinary Fee

Amount Expended



Dangerous Dog

1st   Offence



2nd   Offence



3rd   or Subsequent Offence



Unwanted Cats on Private Property

What to do if you have an unwanted cat on your property.

The County of Vermilion River does not have a Bylaw regarding cats. Cat owners are required to make sure their pet does not wander on to other people’s property without permission. Allowing your cat to freely roam is dangerous for them and can lead to conflict with your neighbours. A cat roaming on private property can be trapped and taken to the Lloydminster SPCA. They are safest at home.

Dealing with an unwanted cat on your property

If you have an unwanted cat on your property, politely ask your neighbour to keep their cat on their own property. If you do not know who the owner is or if speaking with your neighbour did not solve the problem, you may want to make your property less inviting to the animal.

Another option is to humanely trap the cat and turn it over to the Lloydminster SPCA.

Making your property less inviting to cats

Cats can be trained not to enter your yard by making your property unpleasant to them.

  • Placing mesh netting (angled outwards or PVC pipe at the top of your fence can prevent cats from climbing over
  • Bury chicken wire just below the surface of your flowerbeds to discourage digging and cover the bed with bark chips or gravel so it is rough
  • Spray the cat with water whenever it enters your yard
  • Spread repellants around your property, like vinegar or orange peels

Cat Trapping

The County of Vermilion River does not capture stray and at-large cats, but does lend humane traps to residents on a first come, first serve basis. There is no charge to use the trap. All cats can be brought to the Lloydminster SPCA during regular business hours.

It is illegal to put an animal in distress, so you will need to check the trap frequently and will have to provide food, water and shelter for the trapped cat until it is turned over to the SPCA. The cat must not be injured by the method you use to trap and transport it.


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