Agriculture Plastics Recycling Program

The County of Vermilion is proud to offer to solutions to recycling agriculture plastics by offering rental equipment and local plastic collection sites.

The County of Vermilion River has partnered with Cleanfarms to provide recycling solutions for agriculture plastic in the county. This service is offered free of charge to agriculture producers operating within the County. We collect grainbags and twine to be recyclyed at the:

 Vermilion Waste Transfer Site.

  • The transer site is open from 9:00 am-4:45 pm
  • Monday-Saturday
  • 780-583-4572
  • SW 5-51-6W4 or 1.5 kilometers North of Vermilion on Pare Drive 


WATCH OUR VIDEO showcasing the Bag Roller system for Agriculture Plastics Recycling!


Pesticide Jugs Under 23L

Pesticide jugs under 23L must be placed into clear, agricultural plastic collection bags avialable from Ag-Retailer or Transfer Site Operators. 


Continue to empty jugs, triple or pressure rinse, remove caps and booklets, then place them into collection bags. After January 1, 2022, jugs can be retunred to Ag-Retailer or the Clandonald, Marwayne, Paradise Valley or Vermilion Waster Transfer sites. 


The Vermilion Waste Transfer Site accepts clean, tightly rolled grain bags

Unrolled bags will not be accepted. Vermilion is currently the only site in the county that collects bags. 

To incourage producers to recylce grainbag, we have a variety of rollers for farmers to use to roll their grainbags free of charge. Please call ahead to book rollers to avoid disappointment. There are two different types of grainbag rollers avaible to better serve producers and reduce wait time 

The Kirchner Roller 

  • The Kirchner is a self-contained pull type roller with a 13 horsepower industrial gas  engine.
  • This model works well if bags are spread out in different fields because it is easily transported.


Alberta-built roller condenses bag problem | The Western Producer

The Brown Brother Roller
  • The Brown Brothers roller is new to our fleet as of 2020.
  • The roller needs hydraulics to run and rolls bags quickly, tightly and powers through ice and dirt.
  • This roller is preferred when bags are all located in one spot.


The transfer site accepts clean, knot free, bagged twine. Knotted twine will not be accepted. Twine bags are available at the County or the Transfer Station.  Please ensure there is no hay in the twine bags

Requirements for Twine:

  • Shake – Remove as much debris, snow or ice as possible. Excessively dirty twine may be rejected.
  • Bag – Place loose twine in a Clean Farms Twine Recycling Bag and tie bags to close. Please do not knot the twine. Clean Farms Twine Recycling bags are available free of charge at the County or the Vermilion Waste Transfer Site. 
  • Return – Return to a Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Transfer Site during regular business hours.


Left Photo - Acceptable  Right Photo - We cannot accept 

Please shake off hay and other material 

Net Wrap and Silage Tarps Currently, we are not accepting net wrap to be recycled. Net wrap has several different types of plastics that cannot be recycled. Net wrap gets caught in the shreading machines needed for recycling and causes issues. Please do not include Net Wrap in your rolled grainbags or in your twine bags to be recycled.

Silage tarps are also not accepted becuase there are no markets for the recyled material. 

Unwanted Pesticide and Livestock Medication

Please see the Cleanfarms website for updates 



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