The County of Vermilion River manages vegetation alongside County roads for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Increased traffic safety by reducing obstructions in the ditch and improving visibility along roadways and at intersections,
  • Reduced vegetation that attracts wildlife to roadsides,
  • Reduced snow accumulation concerns and to facilitate snow removal,
  • Enhanced road maintenance,
  • To control the spread of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on municipal property, and
  • To reduce the spread of crop diseases and pests along municipal roadways (i.e. clubroot of canola, black knot fungus).

Vegetation of concern includes provincially regulated under Alberta’s Weed Control Act like toadflax and scentless chamomile. It also includes any trees or shrubs growing along the roadside, and tall vegetation including sweet clover, alfalfa and bromegrass, which reduce visibility, attract animals and impact road maintenance.


The County’s Roadside Vegetation Management Program uses an Integrated Management Approach with a number of management tools. We try to make vegetation management decisions that take into account the crops adjoining the roadside, wildlife and pollinator usage of the ditches, and other potential users of the roadside.

For more information about our vegetation program and common weeds in the County see the tour stop by clicking the image below!


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