Our first stop on the Virtual ASB tour is Flint Farm Honey!


Jason and Songshan are 4th generation farmers in the Paradise Valley area. They started their aparist operation orginally to producer honey for their family as they were using 1kg of honey a week! Flint Farm Honey has expanded to a small local operation the provides a variety of honey products to the community including, raw honey, creamed honey, flavoured honey, bee wax candles, hand cream and much more!



Join us on our first tour stop below by clicking the photo 


Are you interested in learning more about the honey? Check out the Flint Farm Honey Website!


If the sweet taste of honey isn't enough, check out the variety of health benefits honey provide at this article written by Joseph Nordqvist.


Creating habitat and attracting pollinators to your garden is easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Plant a Diverese Garden - A mix of native plants with different bloom size, color and timing can help provide nectar for bees throughout the season.
  2. Provide Water - A small dish with water and pebbles can help quench bees thirst on a hot summer day
  3. "Leaf" your yard messy - By leaving grass clipping, fallen leaves and bare ground patches, you allow native bees to nest in your yard. 70% of native bees nest underground.

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