We have taken a pro-active approach to the environment and are pleased to be the first rural Wetlands Mitigation Agent in Alberta.

As part of its strategic planning process, the County of Vermilion

River recognized sustainability as a key principle guiding its activities.  Consistent with that commitment, the County has been gaining experience with the administration anddelivery of conservation programs, including wetland mitigation, to provide an environmental balance within the community

As such, in 2012, in partnership 
with ALUS, the County became engaged in a Pilot Project to be the first rural Municipal Wetland Mitigation Agent.  The goal of wetland mitigation is to mitigate, then compensate for the loss of wetland functions and associated benefits in the County.  The County believes this new wetland mitigation partnership with the Ministry represents an innovation that serves as a model for other counties across the province. 

Press Release:
County of Vermilion River Authorized As First Municipal Wetlands Restoration Agency in Alberta

The County has committed to restoring wetlands in proximity, size and class similar to those that were lost due to residential, industrial and energy sectordevelopment.  The County identifies potential new projects, including those in the Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) partnership for wetland restoration. 

If you are interested in knowing more about participating in the wetland restoration process, please contact Cathie at the County office at (780) 846-2244 or carychuk@county24.com


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