The facility LSD is SW-25-46-2-W4W. The plant provides drinking water to approximately 30 rate payers.

Groundwater is provided from the well directly east of the plant. Another well was added in 2003. 

Raw water entering the plant flows through two filters containing greensand media and anthracite coal media. This media is effective for iron and manganese removal together with other dissolved metals as well as odour and improves taste.   The filters are continuously recharged with potassium permanganate which renews the oxidation properties of the media. After filtration, the water is disinfected with a 1.3% sodium hypochlorite solution. 

The flow of treated water is 6 US gallons per minute.   

Treated water storage consists of a 10,000 US gallons concrete reservoir. The reservoir level is continuously monitored by a transducer which automatically signals the well pump to start and stop at specified set points.   

The SCADA system was implemented early 2010. The system continuously monitors the Total Chlorine (disinfection mg/l), distribution pressure, reservoir level and building temperature. The system will send alerts and also allows access to current status and historical trends by remote desktop.


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