The County of Vermilion River strives to keep our roads in the best shape possible and maintained for public safety. The key areas under the Road Maintenance Program include:

Grader Operations:
The County currently has 13 full-time grader personnel which serve 13 areas and each are responsible for approximately 105 - 115 miles.

Each grader is responsible for 10 - 12 miles per day and adhere to the following guidelines:

*Maintain a 4" crown
*Do not leave windrows
*Remove large rocks
*Feather gravel evenly

The frequency that roads are graded are based on traffic volume but may vary based on necessity:

*Low traffic (1-10 vehicles per day) - 4 times per year
*Med - Low traffic (11-20 VPD) - 12 times per year
*Med - High traffic (21-50 VPD) - 18 times per year
*High traffic (50+ VPD) - 24 times per year

Winter and Summer gravelling:

*Priority of gravelling County roads will be school bus routes, high traffic, and then back roads as a lowest priority.
*The amount of gravel used will be determined by need and road classification.
*Roads to be gravelled are determined the following year based on reports from personnel and public.
*Winter gravelling was started approximately 5 years ago in attempt to save gravel reserves. Winter gravelling will depend on weather conditions and usually commences after January 1.

Snow Removal:

*All removal will be dependent on conditions and will occur following a snowfall of 2-3 inches
*The level of service provided for snow removal is based on the following classifications:

1. Oiled/Bus RoutesThese roads are given first priority treatment and will be plowed within 24 hours.

2. Gravel/Grid RoadsThese roads are given second priority treatment and will be plowed within 48 hours

3. YardsThese roads are given third priority treatment and will be plowed whenever time is available.

Additional Maintenance:

Mulching of trees in ditches to allow for visibility and farm machinery access.

Replacement and/or repair of culverts, bridges, guardrails and signs.

Scarifying old oiled roads and returning them to gravel when necessary.

Pulling shoulders of roads to maintain proper standards and crown of road.