Green Initiatives

The County of Vermilion is proud to report some "green" projects that the Public Works Department has worked on. 

Public Works New Maintenance Shop

When the new Maintenance Shop was constructed, a unique heating system was installed. The shop is completely heated by a special system which uses "on-site generated used oil".

This system has the environmental benefit of giving a use to the old oil. The County has received a rebate from the Alberta Used Oil Management Associatiion since its installation and will continue to until the Incentive Program is discontinued.

Recycle Wash System

This system is a self-contained apparatus which was installed in our old Public Works shop in 2011. This system can wash our heavy equipment in about a 1/4 of the time it used to take and completely recycles all the water used.

As the water is collected in the floor catch basin, it is sent to the system which filters out any contaminants and mud that may have accumulated on the equipment.

The water is then recycled and re-used continually during the wash process.

Contaminants and solids (containing no water) are collected in a sump and can be pumped out and disposed of at an approved landfill site.

This system is a step forward in environmental initiatives as it collects wash water from 3 of our shops, recycles and re-uses it, and produces very little waste.