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The purpose of this Bylaw is to control the use and development of land and buildings
within the municipality to achieve orderly and economic development. This bylaw will,
amongst other things:

  1. divide the municipality into districts;
  2. prescribe and regulate the purposes for which land and buildings may be used for each district;
  3. establish a method of making decisions on applications for development including the issuance of development permits;
  4. provide the manner in which notice of the issuance of a development permit is to be given; and
  5. establish the number of dwelling units permitted on a lot.

Bylaw No. 13-14 - Land Use Bylaw can be viewed here  * Amended SEPT 2016.  

The goal of the previous Municipal Development Plans of the County of Vermilion River was to encourage environmentally sound, sustainable agricultural and other forms of economic development, especially in the realm of resource (oil and gas) utilization, while conserving and enhancing the County’s rural character. This goal is also applicable for this new Municipal Development Plan.

The County of Vermilion River still regards agricultural land as the County’s most enduring asset. They also recognize the need to utilize the County’s natural resources to promote economic diversification so that all residents may enjoy optimum working and living standards. This economic diversification must, of course, be environmentally sound, and must also be compatible with the rural environment of the County.

The County still foresees agriculture and agricultural service as continuing to be a major economic force in the community. The conservation of agricultural land and measures designed to assist the continuation of agricultural activities will remain a priority in most of the County.

The County foresees resource utilization as an economic force which will drive improved living standards and service levels in the community, as well as its continued growth.

The County notes that neighbouring urban centres, especially the City of Lloydminster and the Town of Vermilion, can have a significant impact on development levels and demands in the County, and development in the County can have a significant positive economic impact on the urban centres. To this end, the County has recently developed Intermunicipal Development Plans with both the City of Lloydminster and the Town of Vermilion and have agreed with the City respecting future annexations. As well, the County recognizes that changing demands for urban development in the Lloydminster region have altered the demand for urban-related developments in the County. In respect to these changing demands, this new Municipal Development Plan allows for some urban-related development in the County.

Notwithstanding the urban-style development this Plan allows, it is still the opinion of the County that agricultural development should not normally be restricted by other forms of development. However, other resource use and development and development related to the urban centres in the County (See Section 6.0 of this Plan) should take careful note of other development forms, especially residential uses within the County. The rural residential amenity of the County should be protected from conflict with resource and urban-related development.

Bylaw No. 13-13 - Municipal Development Plan (amended Feb 14, 2017)