SPRING CLEAN UP - May 25 -27, 2018

CVR has been working diligently on a major project in Blackfoot: a residential lot development (Phase 3 and 4).  This project will add 70 residential lots to the hamlet.  This is an excellent growth opportunity for the community and the region, furthering our efforts to establish a sustainable, vibrant and diverse community.  We anticipate these lots will attract young families and potentially long term residents.  Our goal is to have fully serviced, sizeable, affordable lots that are completed to the highest standards.  To this end, we have reviewed the capacity of the water and sewer facilities to meet the needs of these new lots, without sacrificing existing services.  In 2016, we completed a comprehensive facility upgrade to the water plant to ensure services throughout Blackfoot will remain steady, as well as extensive road paving within the hamlet. These processes have delayed our development progress, but we see the end result being better for everyone in the community.  The next focus will be upgrading the current wastewater system to meet the demands of the proposed future growth in the hamlet and surrounding lands.



Summary of Project
Lagoon Map
Historic Resources Application
Biophysical Environmental Assessment
Geotechnical Investigation: Sewer Lagoon Expansion
Geotechnical Investication: Storm Sewer Line
Drainage Discussion Item for Committee Meeting June 19, 2017