12:01 am on MON MAY 15, 2017 Bans LIFTING Road Bans will be lifted effective 12:01 am Mon, May 15, 2017
May 4, 2017 Road Bans Road Bans Remain in Effect at 75%
12:01 am on FRI, APR 28 Road Ban ALL County Roads are banned at 75% (including traffic for Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial purposes)
8:00 am on FRI, APR 21 Voluntary Road Ban Due to weather and road conditions, we are asking for a voluntary 75% road ban for All INDUSTRY bonded roads. Click for more info
12:01 am on MON, MAR 20 Road Bans  All County Roads are banned at 75% including TWP 510 from HWY 17 to HWY 897.  Except RR 44 from HWY 619 to TWP 482 which will be banned at 50%



Provincial Highway Road Ban Information 

Toll free road ban information for Provincial Highways can be obtained by  dialing 1-855-ROADBAN (1-855-762-3226) 


By-Law 14-04 affects Heavy Traffic on County of Vermilion River roads.  See By-Law in full here

All Heavy Traffic 22,500kgs and over require a PERMIT to be on County Roads.  
Direct Line: (780) 846-3309 

Read the Information Sheet with overview and detailed listing of Agreements and Types of Permits


The County of Vermilion River currently uses the TRAVIS permitting system implemented by the Province of Alberta for all required transportation permits.  TRAVIS is a web-based Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System to allow Industry to apply for all required permits.  These permits are primarily for over-weight and over-size loads moving in Alberta.

TRAVIS provides Industry users a true "one-window" application process to request approval to move on Provincial Highways and Municipal Roadways anywhere in Alberta.  The County directly reviews and approves movement within their jurisdiction and the TRAVIS system is the method these approvals will be requested.  Vehicles will not be allowed to move in the municipality without this approval being granted.  For information on the TRAVIS system and how you can apply for a permit go to:

Understanding How Range & Township Roads are Numbered

Township Roads: Township roads run east to west at 2 mile intervals, counting from the south to north.The township road number is the township (ex. Twp 50) with a 0 added to the end (ex. Twp Rd 500).  The next road north woud be Twp Rd 502 (2 miles to the north).  Numbering starts over at the 6 mile mark.

Range Roads
: Range roads run north to south at 1 mile intervals, counting from the east to west. The range road number is the range (ex. 5) with a 0 added at the end (ex. RR50).  The next road to the west would be RR51 (1 miles to the west)  Numbering starts over at the 6 mile mark.

To Convert Miles to Kilometers - Multiply by 1.609