When you want to change the use of your property or put up a new building you probably require a development permit (click here for checklist & forms). The Land Use Bylaw divides the County of Vermilion River into several Land Use districts, each of these having land uses and development regulations specific to it.  Based on these Land Use districts there are a number of things that must be determined BEFORE beginning your project including, but not limited to:

* is the proposed development a PERMITTED USE, a DISCRETIONARY USE or even allowed at all?
* what about the 
required side, rear and front yard setback distances ... does the project comply with those distances?
* it is even possible that your development does not require a permit.
Please contact us BEFORE you start to build so that your project can run smoothly and on time. We want to help you obtain all the approvals that you require.

The County passed Policy PD 007 entitled 'Sustainable Planning and Development Requirements' in December of 2012. Although the County recognizes that each development is unique and may require different information to be submitted in order to issue an approval, Policy PD 007 sets out the standard checklist for information required by the County. Please review Policy PD 007 & Standards Checklist  prior to submitting the documents associated with your development. 

The County of Vermilion River’s Land Use Bylaw 13-14 states "an application for a development permit shall at the option of the applicant, be deemed to be refused when a decision thereon is not made by the Development Authority within forty (40) days after receipt of the application by the Development Authority".  Usually we are able to meet this deadline, however if we do not, the applicant has the option of deeming the application refused and appealing it to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or enter into an agreement with the County of Vermilion River to extend the timeline.  It is highly recommended to submit your application well in advance of your proposed project start date.

GRADE LEVELS: Pursuant to a provision in the MGA and the County’s Land Use Bylaw provides that "construction of any development shall NOT proceed beyond grade level until all conditions, except those conditions of a continuing nature, have been met or fulfilled".

PUBLIC APPROVAL:  The County expects that ratepayers and developers will show respect for the right of other ratepayers to provide their views on any planned development, and to not start development prior to obtaining the relevant approvals.

SITE PLAN: The Proposed Development shall be undertaken and completed in accordance with the site plan submitted with the application (for example site layout, landscaping, parking layout, building elevations, signage, stormwater management and utility servicing).

SETBACKS: The location of the Building(s) must meet the setback requirements of the land use district in which it is located.

ACCESS TO CONSTRUCTION SITE: Satisfactory arrangements must be made with the County of Vermilion River for access to the proposed development, including the construction or upgrading of approaches and off-site access roads, where deemed necessary.

DUST CONTROL: You may be required to do dust control where your development impacts other residences. The Municipal Development Plan and Policy PW-006 Dust Control provide more information.

SAFETY CODES: It is the Landowner’s responsibility to comply with the provincial Safety Codes Act for new construction, additions or renovations by obtaining a Safety Codes Permit. The County is accredited to administer the Safety Codes Act on behalf of Alberta Municipal Affairs for the disciplines of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Disposal systems. The County has contracted Superior Safety Codes Inc. and the Inspections Group Inc. as its agents. Safety codes permit applications (click here for forms) shall be submitted to the contracted safety codes agencies office that you have chosen on your Development Permit application.
** NEW ALBERTA BUILDING, FIRE and ENERGY CODES - deadlines for 2016

ABANDONED WELLS: New regulations in the province of Alberta require applicants to conduct and submit information concerning the abandoned and active wells on their lands. The Subdivision and Development Abandoned Well Requirements has been compiled in order to ensure the applicant is fully aware of their responsibilities concerning well locates in the province of Alberta. Municipal Affairs has further information on Abandoned Well(s) Information

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There may be many other aspects that impact your proposed development. It is our role to advise you of these matters. If you are planning to apply for a development permit in the County it may be helpful to review the Land Use Bylaw and contact us for more information.