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Rural Intermunicipal Development Plans Open House: April 26, County of St. Paul office.  More details here.

Effective Dec 1, 2017, all residential builders are required to have a builder license to construct new homes.  More Info here

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New Plumbing Code: The National Plumbing Code 2015 came into force on January 1, 2017 under the Alberta Plumbing Code Regulation and is applicable throughout the Province of Alberta. Follow this link for more details

Application of Energy Efficiency Requirements comes into effect NOV 1, 2016.  More info here

New Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Codes - timelines for Coming into Force (May 2016) and Transition periods (May 1 and Nov 1, 2016) can be found on this document.


The County has been working diligently on Phase 3 & 4 of the Blackfoot residential development consisting of 70 new lots.  This is an excelletn growth opportunity for the community and region.  We anticipate these lots will attract young families and potentially long term residents.  Our goal is to have fully serviced, sizeable, affordable lots that are completed to the highest standards.  To this end, we have reviewed the capacity of the water and sewer facilities to meet the needs of these new lots, without sacrificing existing services.  We are now undergoing a comprehensive facility upgrade to ensure services throughout Blackfoot will remain steady with the impending growth.  This process has delayed our development progress, but we see the end result being better for everyone in the community in the long run. We anticipate that lot sales may start in 2018. 
Phase 3 & 4 Residential Lot Map


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$22.7 million = value of development projects in 2010
$75.0 million = value of development projects in 2013
$77.2 million = value of development projects in 2014
$91.7 million = value of development projects in 2015
$19.3 million = value of development projects in 2016
$23.1 million = value of development projects in 2017