Long term maintenance of your plantings will go a long way to having healthy happy trees for years to come.  However, it can take just a blink of the eye to introduce a wide spectrum of pests and diseases.

There are many excellent resources that list numerous types of pests and diseases, what they look like, how they attack your trees and perhaps how to slow their progress in order to save your trees.  Use the links below to check out these categories:

INSECTS                         BIRDS              



MAMMALS                      ENVIRONMENTAL



AgriCulture & Agri-Food Canada pest fact sheets

University of Saskatchewan GardenLine
City of Regina
Natural Resources Canada: Diseases
Natural Resources Canada: Insects

Pest and Disease Control Using Horticultural Oils
Firewood - Don't Move it: Buy it Local, Burn it Local
Diseases of Vegetables
Guide to Managing Fruit Tree Pests
Tree Guide of Diseases and Pests


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